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What does data recovery actually mean?
Have you ever lost data on your computer? Not just data, but very important data! The 'lost data' means that the data was deleted from your media (hard drive, CD/DVD, flash memory, digital photo, floppy disk, » more...

What are common causes of data loss?
Data loss can occur due to several reasons. » more...

What is important to know when data loss occurs?
In the case of data loss, it is important to understand that it is not gone forever. Instead, there are high chances to recover destroyed data, unless you attempt to salvage data on your own. Follow the next steps: » more...

Why should you use a professional data recovery service?
Don't waste both time and money with the data recovery software to attempt recovery on your own. Data recovery is not as simple as just installing the recovery software, walking away and coming back » more...

How can you protect your data and prevent data loss?
Back up your data. Nothing can prevent data loss better than doing backups of all your important data. You save hours, days and weeks of works doing backups regularly. » more...

How often should you backup your data?
Backing up your computer involves placing a duplicate copy of your data onto a secondary media, such as CD, DVD, external hard drive or an online server or Web site. If your hard drive fails or you accidentally delete a file » more...

Where should you back up?
Once you have determined which files to back up regularly, you must decide where to store this data. There are different types of programs for doing backups, and many programs within each type, each with their own procedures » more...

How can you be sure that your data remain secure?
Data security is a key part of the data recovery process. We understand that our client's data contain confidential material or knowledge and they wish not to disclose important information » more...

What is MTBF of a hard drive?
No one thinks of his or her hard drive until it crashes. Your hard drive is absolutely the most important part of your system, and you ought to be more concerned about it than you are about any other components in the PC » more...

What is flash memory?
Flash memory card is a miniature storage medium used to store data such as video clips, pictures, audio files and any downloadable contents. » more...

What is Flash ATA PC Card (PCMCIA)?
Flash ATA PC Card is removable data storage in standard PC Card (PCMCIA). PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) » more...

What is Compact Flash?
A flash memory format has been introduced in 1994 by SanDisk Corporation. Based on ATA PC Card (PCMCIA) specifications but measured smaller » more...

What is SmartMedia Cards?
An ultra-compact flash memory format developed by Toshiba and Samsung was introduced in 1995. It is similar to Compact Flash memory size, but as thin as a credit card » more...

What is xD-Picture Card?
EXtreme Digital Picture Card is an ultra-compact memory media used in digital cameras that has been introduced in 2002 by Fuji and Olympus » more...

What is MultiMedia Card?
MultiMedia Card (MMC) is removable solid-state memory card, designed particularly for car navigation systems, mobile phones, eBooks, PDAs, digital cameras, music players, video camcorders, and PC » more...

What is Secure Digital Memory Card?
Secure Digital Memory Card (SD) is a flash memory card that provides storage for digital cameras, cellular phones, eBooks, PC, and PDAs. SD Memory Cards have been introduced in 1999 by Panasonic, Toshiba and SanDisk » more...

What is Sony Memory Stick?
Memory Stick is a silicon flash memory card from Sony designed as data storage for a wide range of IT-related use (digital cameras, digital music players, digital voice recorders and many other devices that store digital information.) » more...

What is USB Flash Drive?
USB Flash drive is an ultra portable storage device (about the of a finger size) that can be instantly accessed from any PC with a USB port. » more...

What is the difference between Logical and Physical data recovery?
There are two forms of data storage failures: logical and physical. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between the two data recovery procedures: Logical data recovery (reconstructing the file system and/or the files) Physical data recovery (extracting data from corrupted media) » more...

What is the difference between Virus, Worm and Trojan?
Computer virus is a malicious program that has been written with only purpose to destroy months and years of hard work and make your computer, network or web-server inoperative » more...

How to protect computer from being infected with viruses?
The most usual symptom of a computer virus is that your computer starts to function a little weird. Some viruses affect the boot sector, the startup segment of your hard drive. » more...