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Hitachi hard disk data recovery

Vital Data Recovery specializes in performing successful data recovery on Hitachi hard drives. We have a high percentage of the laptop data recovery successfully completed. If you are panicking over a blank laptop screen or a hard drive crash, do not hesitate to contact us to speak to our data recovery expert. We offer a free evaluation, which means that we evaluate the condition and recoverability of your data free of charge, regardless of the time and complexity involved. Also data recovery from laptops and notebooks are priced the same as for data recovery from desktop computers despite the complex miniature mechanics involved.

Most common symptoms for Hitachi laptop hard drives:

Sudden hard disk failure
Inaccessible hard drive, but still physically functioning
Bios recognizes the drive, but drive fail error appears
Deterioration of performance
Distinctive whining sound
Sound of the motor attempt to spin up, fail, and then retry again

Hitachi Hard Drives:

HDS721010KLA330 1000 GB, HDS721075KLA330 750 GB, HDS725050KLA360 500 GB
HDS725050KLAT80 500 GB, HDS724040KLAT80 400 GB, HDS724040KLSA80 400 GB
HDT725025VLA360 250 GB, HDT725025VLA380 250 GB, HDT725025VLAT80 250 GB
HDT725032VLA360 320 GB, HDT725032VLA380 320 GB, HDT725032VLAT80 320 GB
HDT725040VLA380 400 GB, HDT725040VLAT80 400 GB, HDT725050VLA360 500 GB
HDT725050VLA380 500 GB, HDT725050VLAT80 500 GB, HDT722516DLA380 160 GB
HDT722516DLAT80 160 GB, HDT722525DLA380 250 GB, HDT722525DLAT80 250 GB
HDS721616PLA380 160 GB, HDS721616PLAT80 160 GB,HDS721680PLA380 80 GB
HDS721680PLAT80 80 GB, HDS728040PLA320 40 GB, HDS728040PLAT20 40 GB
HDS728080PLA380 80 GB, HDS728080PLAT20 80 GB
HTS722010K9A300 100 GB, HTS722010K9SA00 100 GB, HTS722012K9A300 120 GB
HTS722012K9SA00 120 GB, HTS722016K9A300 160 GB, HTS722016K9SA00 160 GB
HTS722020K9A300 200 GB, HTS722020K9SA00 200 GB, HTS722080K9A300 80 GB
HTS722080K9SA00 80 GB, HTS721010G9AT00 100 GB, HTS721010G9SA00 100 GB
HTS721060G9AT00 60 GB, HTS721060G9SA00 60 GB, HTS721080G9AT00 80 GB
HTS721080G9SA00 80 GB, HTS542512K9A300 120 GB, HTS542512K9SA00 120 GB
HTS542516K9A300 160 GB, HTS542516K9SA00 160 GB, HTS542520K9A300 200 GB
HTS542520K9SA00 200 GB, HTS542525K9A300 250 GB, HTS542525K9SA00 250 GB
HTS542580K9A300 80 GB, HTS542580K9SA00 80 GB, HTS541612J9AT00 120 GB
HTS541612J9SA00 120 GB, HTS541616J9AT00 160 GB, HTS541616J9SA00 160 GB
HTS541640J9AT00 40 GB, HTS541640J9SA00 40 GB, HTS541660J9AT00 60 GB
HTS541660J9SA00 60 GB, HTS541680J9AT00 80 GB, HTS541680J9SA00 80 GB
HTS541010G9AT00 100 GB, HTS541010G9SA00 100 GB, HTS541040G9AT00 40 GB
HTS541040G9SA00 40 GB, HTS541060G9AT00 60 GB, HTS541060G9SA00 60 GB
HTS541080G9AT00 80 GB, HTS541080G9SA00 80 GB, HTS421210H9AT00 100 GB
HTS421212H9AT00 120 GB, HTS421240H9AT00 40 GB, HTS421260H9AT00 60 GB
HTS421280H9AT00 80 GB, HTS424020M9AT00 20 GB, HTS424030M9AT00 30 GB
HTS424040M9AT00 40 GB
IC25N020ATMR04 20 GB, IC25N030ATMR04 30 GB, IC25N040ATMR04 40 GB
IC25N060ATMR04 60 GB, IC25N080ATMR04 80 GB
HTS723232L9A360 320 GB, HTS723225L9A360 250 GB, HTS723216L9A360 160 GB
HTS723212L9A360 120 GB, HTS723280L9A360 80 GB, HTS722020K9A300 200 GB
HTS722016K9A300 160 GB, HTS722012K9A300 120 GB, HTS722010K9A300 100 GB
HTS722080K9A300 80 GB, HTS722020K9SA00 200 GB, HTS722016K9SA00 160 GB
HTS722012K9SA00 120 GB, HTS722010K9SA00 100 GB, HTS722080K9SA00 80 GB
HTE722020K9A300 200 GB, HTE722016K9A300 160 GB, HTE722012K9A300120 GB
HTS545050B9A300 500 GB, HTS545040B9A300 400 GB, HTS545032B9A300 320 GB
HTS545025B9A300 250 GB, HTS545016B9A300 160 GB, HTS545012B9A300 120 GB
HTS545050KTA300 500 GB, HTS545040KTA300 400 GB, HTE545050KTA300 500GB
HTE545040KTA300 400 GB, HTS543232L9A300 320 GB, HTS543225L9A300 250 GB
HTS543216L9A300 160 GB, HTS543212L9A300 120 GB, HTS543280L9A300 80 GB
HTS542525K9A300 250 GB, HTS542520K9A300 200 GB, HTS542516K9A300 160 GB
HTS542512K9A300 120 GB, HTS542580K9A300 80 GB, HTS542525K9SA00 250 GB
HTS542520K9SA00 200 GB, HTS542516K9SA00 160 GB, HTS542512K9SA00 120 GB
HTS542580K9SA00 80 GB, HTE542525K9A300 250 GB, HTE542516K9A300 160 GB
HTE542512K9A300 120 GB, HTE542580K9A300 80 GB, HTS541616 J9AT00 160 GB
HTS541612 J9AT00 120 GB, HTS541680 J9AT00 80 GB, HTS541660 J9AT00 60 GB
HTS541640 J9AT00 40 GB, HTS541616 J9SA00 160 GB HTS541612 J9SA00 120 GB
HTS541680 J9SA00 80 GB, HTS541660 J9SA00 60 GB, HTS541640 J9SA00 40 GB
HTE541616 J9AT00 160 GB, HTE541612 J9AT00 120 GB, HTE541680 J9AT00 80 GB
HTE541660 J9AT00 60 GB, HTE541616 J9SA00 160 GB, HTE541612 J9SA00 120 GB
HTE541680 J9SA00 80 GB, HTE541660 J9SA00 60 GB
DK23FA-80, DK23FA-60, DK23FA-40, DK23FA-30, DK23EB-40, DK23EB-20
DK23EA-60, DK23EA-40, DK23EA-30, DK23DA-40F, DK23DA-30F, DK23DA-20F
DK23DA-10F, DK23DA-20F
E7K1000 500 GB-1 TB, 7K1000.B 160 GB-1 TB, 7K1000 750 GB-1 TB
P7K500 250-500 GB, 7K160 80-160 GB, 7K1000.B 160 GB-1 TB
7K1000 500 GB-1 TB, P7K500 250-500 GB, 7K500 250-500 GB
7K160 160-250 GB, 5K500 500 GB, 5K320 250-320 GB
Deskstar 5K100 HDS5C1010CLA382, HDS5C1050CLA382
Deskstar 5K3000 HDS5C3030ALA630, HDS5C3020ALA632, HDS5C3015ALA632
Deskstar 7K1000.C HDS721010CLA332, HDS721075CLA332, HDS721064CLA332, HDS721050CLA362,HDS721032CLA362 HDS721025CLA382, HDS721016CLA382
Deskstar 7K2000 HDS722020ALA330
Deskstar 7K3000 HDS723030ALA640, HDS723020BLA642, HDS723015BLA642
Travelstar 5K500.B HTS545050B9A300, HTS545040B9A300, HTS545032B9A300, HTS545025B9A300, HTS545016B9A300, HTS545012B9A300
HTS545050B9A301, HTS545040B9A301, HTS545032B9A301, HTS545025B9A301, HTS545016B9A301, HTS545012B9A301
HTE545050B9A300, HTE545032B9A300, HTE545025B9A300, HTE545016B9A300
Travelstar 5K750 HTS547575A9E384, HTS547564A9E384, HTS547550A9E384
HTS547575A9E381, HTS547564A9E381, HTS547550A9E381
HTE547575A9E384, HTE547564A9E384, HTE547550A9E384
Travelstar 7K500 HTS725050A9A364, HTS725032A9A364, HTS725025A9A364, HTS725016A9A364, HTS725012A9A364
HTS725050A9A361, HTS725032A9A361, HTS725025A9A361, HTS725016A9A361, HTS725012A9A361
HTE725050A9A364, HTE725032A9A364, HTE725025A9A364, HTE725016A9A364
Travelstar 7K750 HTS727575A9E364, HTS727564A9E364, HTS727550A9E364
HTS727575A9E361, HTS727564A9E361, HTS727550A9E361
HTE727575A9E364, HTE727564A9E364, HTE727550A9E364
Travelstar Z5K320 HTS543232A7A384, HTS543225A7A384, HTS543216A7A384
Self-encrypting Models HTS543232A7A381, HTS543225A7A381, HTS543216A7A381, HTS543232A7A385, HTS543225A7A385, HTS543216A7A385
HTE543232A7A384, HTE543225A7A384
Travelstar Z5K500 HTS545050A7E380, HTS545032A7E380, HTS545025A7E380
HTS545050A7E381, HTS545032A7E381, HTS545025A7E381
HTE545050A7E380, HTE545032A7E380
Travelstar Z7K320 HTS723232A7A364, HTS723225A7A364, HTS723216A7A364
Self-encrypting Models HTS723232A7A361, HTS723225A7A361, HTS723216A7A361, HTS723232A7A365, HTS723225A7A365, HTS723216A7A365
HTE723232A7A364, HTE723225A7A364

If you are experiencing any data loss related problem from Hitachi laptop hard drive call us for friendly advice and the fast and confidential data recovery service. We are ready to answer any questions that you may have. Please call us toll free at 1-888-570-0775.

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