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You may probably have the only chance to recover your data, do not take chances with others, call us for an emergency help now!

Emergency call.
A call to Vital Data Recovery 24-hour hotline 1-888-570-0775 is your fast track to successful data recovery. A data recovery engineer will discuss the circumstances leading to your data loss. We may be able to provide immediate help at this point in determining if you have checked all the obvious things like mismatched CMOS or driver configuration, loose cable connections or a bad controller card. If the problem more serious you will be given instructions how to ship the drive to our repair facility.

Data Recovery Process.
Upon receipt of your package, we will first perform an immediate diagnostic evaluation in our lab. This will allow us to determine exactly what failures and problems we will have to overcome, what data can be recovered and the total cost. After the evaluation is completed we will contact you to give the results with the estimated time and cost to recover your data.
If you decide to decline or your media is unrecoverable, you will pay nothing, except shipping, your drive will be immediately returned to you in its original condition by the courier of your choice.
At your approval the recovery process begins.
During the recovery process we may perform component level board repairs, if necessary. Any repair, or adjustments of components are often just temporary measures to gain access to the data.
The next stage involves mirroring the data to a compatible drive, so that the integrity of your data is never at risk. If the file structures have been badly damaged mirroring retries can take more than one day.
If your hard drive file system structure is severely damaged, we may need to reconstruct the individual files manually.

Returning Your Data To You.
After successful recovery, we will immediately ship your mission critical files on the media of you choice. We can return your recovered data in a number of ways, including copying it to a CD-R or new hard drive. After returning your data we can provide you any assistance you need in restoring your data on your system and advise you about whether to continue using your original drive for data storage.

Data Security.
Data security is a key part of the data recovery process. We regard it as one of our most critical responsibilities. For clients that specifically request it, we can sign a Non-disclosure agreement. But, you should know that with or without an agreement, your data is completely secure.

As a part of our service, we always keep a copy of your recovered data for a period of two weeks stored on our server. This will ensure successful recovery of your data. Once you inform us that your data has been successfully reinstalled, we will delete it permanently from our storage facilities.